My original reason to start writing the blog was I wanted to talk about my Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. But of course it is just part of what I am and I have interests and a personality just like everyone else.

If you are interested in Autism and Aspergers Syndrome I hope you will find it useful as I attempt to open up to my feelings and experiences of living with Autism everyday. Since my revelation (to myself) I have gained a thirst for knowledge on the subject through what I have learned and continue to learn will hopefully prove useful to others. I will try and share the sources of the knowledge I have discovered, so anyone can dig deeper or contact those who I have.

However I have many deep interests and have lived a very full life. I am launching this blog a couple of days before Fulham’s first trip to Wembley in 43 years and just before the World cup in Russia so for football lovers I hope you enjoy. I have always had an interest in Politics and a healthy  interest in the issues of the day with Brexit and Anti-Semitism (I am Jewish) very relevant at the moment. As I look at things differently, don’t be mad at me because remember I am wired differently from you as I look at things in a different way. Often you may say what is he talking about. Rubbish!! I have heard it all before.

I have no agenda just to share whatever is in my Aspi head at any given time.

Welcome to My Aspi World